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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

The state of Arizona requires all drivers to have an auto insurance policy. If you are caught without insurance, the state may suspend your driver's license or fine you. With the many hazards that can happen on the road, drivers may not be safe enough, and that's where a car insurance policy comes in handy.

Auto insurance from Alameda Insurance Group can cover you for the following:

Property damage

This covers damages caused by your vehicle to other people’s property if you are responsible for the collision.

Bodily liability coverage

Bodily injury liability covers against lawsuits in case of a death related to an accident in which you are responsible. It also helps pay for accidental injuries to another person.

Comprehensive coverage

This covers the repairs to your vehicle for all non-collision related damages.

Collision coverage

This policy covers your vehicle for both major and minor repairs due to collisions with other cars.

Underinsured /uninsured driver

This policy will cover you from accidents involving drivers who do not carry insurance or do not have enough to cover all the repairs to your vehicle when they are found at fault.

Roadside assistance

This coverage comes into play when your car breaks down due to mechanical problems while on the road. Your auto insurance company will offer assistance such as a tow truck or a roadside mechanic.

Loss of use

This coverage compensates for transport expenses you incur during that period when your car is being repaired or inspected by your insurance company.

Are you looking for insurance services from a reputable company? Alameda Insurance Group in Arizona is the place to be. Use our online rating tools to get a quote, or call or visit our offices to discuss new policies.

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